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Building & Home Automation

Smart homes and apartments: we will turn your everyday home life into a more interesting and a smarter life.

Lighting, Dimming, Shutter Control, Climate Control, Intercom, Security Systems, Seamless Wifi Networks & Wired Networks.

Unlike traditional home automation systems, You don't have to keep spending and spending.

Quality, Quality & Price


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Smart homes like never before

Control your home using your smart phone, your smart watch, your tablet, your automation touch screen and using your smart switches.

See who's on the door and welcome him from anywhere, open the door for your guests and even see your security cameras.

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Electrical & Low Current Solutions

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS Machines), Lighting and Power, Electrical Plumbing, Energy Saving Solutions, Solar PV Systems, Access Door & Video Intercom Systems, Public IP and CCTV.

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Save Energy.

Reduce Costs.

Control & Monitor.

Protect Critical Loads.

Extend Life Span Thru Proper Power Distribution.